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Friday, December 6, 2013

Cilantro Bouquet

Flowers, fruit bouquets, chocolate assortments, wine.. All of these things run through my head when I am going to someones house for dinner. What do I bring the host/hostess!?
I decided to go a little outside of the box with my last dinner party outing and had some fun while prepping for a dish I was going to make at their house. As I was gathering all of my ingredients my mind started to go wild with creative ideas of avocado monsters and lime towers. I was making guacamole so I didn't have a whole lot to work with! That's when it hit me, cilantro bouquet! I quickly pulled out a few more items and got to work.
Shopping list:
Grape Tomatoes
Wooden Skewers
Ribbon (rope or even a rubber band would work)
Tissue Paper
*I used the paper bag my avocados came in
Take your bunch of cilantro, keep it in the plastic produce bag so your tissue paper won't get wet, and place wooden skewers throughout the bunch (pointy side up to stick your tomatoes on). If you don't want to hold onto the bunch while placing in the skewers you can stand it up in a small mixing bowl to view your work of art in the making. Once you have as many skewers in as you want, start placing the tomatoes on the ends to create your flowers. If you want the "flowers" at different heights you can cut the bottoms of some of the skewers off.
After all of the tomatoes are in place tie the ribbon around the bottom of the bunch to hold everything in place. Wrap 1-2 pieces of tissue paper around the bouquet and place it in a small paper bag or tie another ribbon around the outside to hold the tissue paper in place.
KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BLOG - Next I will be giving up my Top Secret guacamole recipe ;)

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Ryan Stott said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Your idea is brilliant, and I was looking for a creative boquet to give to a girl who is obsessed with cilantro.