Momtastrophe or Momtastic

Barked Goods


Aunt Sasha Barks for healthy dog treats:
Lady Sasha Jellybean was bred and trained to be a champion sled dog. A Siberian Husky from a long line of champions in Tok, Alaska, Sasha was well on her way to fulfilling her legacy when struck with a rare eye disorder causing her to lose her sight.

The other sled dogs quickly lost interest in Sasha when she no longer could go out and mush with them, leaving Sasha alone at home, sad and without purpose. Sasha was an observant girl and noted that when her brothers, sisters and cousins came home from a hard day of mushing they would be famished and would only have dry and tasteless store bought treats to munch on.

So one day while the pack was out, Sasha using her keen sense of smell and amazing dexterity pulled together wonderful ingredients and created the first of her "original barked goods". Sasha wanted to create all natural and healthy treats for her family. She decided to use healthy all natural, wheat free products that could be dehydrated and used as a part of her family's Raw Diet.

She created Jack Snacks and Banana Bark as delicious and healthy treats for her family to enjoy as part of their raw diet. Knowing every dog needs a really special treat every now and then she created Sasha Sweeties! She then decided to add some traditional treats and created Lacy Loops, Remy Ribbons, Max Meatballs and Honor Rolls. These quickly became a favorite amongst the other sled dogs and Sasha once again became a special part of the team.

The team would always take a hearty supply of the treats when they went out on the long competitions through the wilds of Alaska. Several generations of sled dogs enjoyed the now famous treats "barked" by "Aunt Sasha" who now makes them available to all pups.