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Friday, April 19, 2013

Want to know my secret?

I debated sharing this information. It is hard to put yourself out there.... but some information is too good to keep to yourself.

This is me at 27 weeks pregnant on a recent trip to Disney World. See my shorts? Those are not maternity shorts, those are my everyday pre-pregnancy shorts!

A little bit about me and how I have been able to have an easy, healthy and fit pregnancy:

As the daughter of a medical doctor and a fitness practitioner, health and wellness have always been an important part of my life. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training from The University of Alabama and currently work full time for a healthcare consulting firm. In addition to my full-time job I also own and run my own small business, Aunt Sasha's Barked Goods, an all-natural dog treat company. I also have a two year old and of course baby number two on the way.

My secret to being super mom and staying super fit is Advocare. For the most part I eat a clean diet avoiding foods that contain gluten and refined sugars and I stay active. Advocare helps me fill the nutritional gaps and fuel my body to its optimum potential (This was especially important during my first trimester of pregnancy when I wanted nothing to do with vegetables.)

Advocare has been in business for 20 years and is supported by unpaid endorsers like Drew Brees! They have a full range of products that enhance wellness, energy, athletic performance and weight loss/management. My favorite product is Spark because it gives me the energy and focus I need to juggle everything on my very full plate. During my pregnancy I have also been taking OmegaPlex, ProBiotic Restore and Catalyst to name a few. As with any supplements I have discussed everything I am taking with my doctors. They are very impressed with my progress this pregnancy and have even complimented me on my great blood pressure, weight gain and growth!

I plan to continue sharing my journey with you and the good, bad and ugly of my postpartum weight loss (although with Advocare in my corner it will all be good). After I finish breast feeding I plan to take the 24 Day Challenge and I encourage you to join me when I do. I will be sharing my meal plans and workouts with you as well!

Below is a photo of me last weekend at 32 weeks. Whether you are pregnant or not, looking to lose some weight or enhance your athletic performance, I am available to help you figure out what products will best fit your needs and lifestyle and act as a coach to help you reach your optimum potential too! *Always remember to check with your doctor before starting any new supplements*

5.28.13 Edited to add: Below is a picture of me with one week left! Please note I am still wearing my wedding rings! One week left and my rings still fit! Thank you Advocare!!!

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