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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is your fish oil supplement acting fishy?

Earlier this week I posted about what an amazing company Advocare is and how I have had a fit and healthy pregnancy while using their products.

I came across this clip from the Dr. Oz show that exemplifies what a great product Advocare produces.

In this clip Dr. Oz talks about how fish oils reduce cholesterol and boost your brain power. He points out that many fish oil brands when tested don't really have in them what they say they do. His guest Dr. Tod Cooperman, M.D. of tests products to make sure they live up to their claims. At the end of the segment (around the 1:55 mark) he says that Advocare produces one of only a few fish oils that actually put in the bottle what is written on the label! ...check out how OmegaPlex is living up to what it claims to do!

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