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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 8 month old Peed in the Potty

You read that correctly. My 8 month old peed in the potty! I was recently introduced to the book "The Diaper Free Baby" by Christine Gross-Loh. The book explores Elimination Communication.

My husband who is skeptical of the whole process said "I think you just happened to be in the right place at the right time" and I told him that is the whole point.

The author breaks the book down into a few categories Full Time, Part Time and Occasional EC. Which means you can utilize this method in the time you have available. As a full time working mom I fall under the occasional category. A friend of mine who introduced me to the book (and also has an 8 month old) and is doing this full time has not had to change a poopy diaper in over a week.

What I have learned from the book is:

Get to know your baby and recognize when they need to go to the bathroom. (The book recommends leaving your baby's diaper off or putting them in a cloth diaper so you and your baby know when they are wet) This method doesn't really work for me so I just keep an eye on his diaper to determine what patterns he has. I have realized my son tends to pee after he drinks a bottle. So at that time I give him a pottytunity (as the book calls it)

If you know your baby is going to the bathroom (be it in a diaper, the toilet or on your floor) give them verbal cues. I give my son a psssss sound to associate with peeing. The hope is that eventually if I put him on the toilet and make the sound it will cue him to pee.

A rule I have set for myself is that if he seems frustrated or doesn't want to be on the potty, pick him up and try again at another time. Luckily so far he seems to enjoy sitting on the potty.

Click on the book below for more information:

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