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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lashes by Latisse

Want eye lashes like Kim Kardashian? You can put on fake lashes...or try Latisse!

I have spent years and lots of money trying to find the perfect mascara, but whenever I wanted my lashes to really stand out I always added on fake lashes. When the advertisements for Latisse started a few years ago I was skeptical, but heard from a few people that it worked. So I finally took the plunge and purchased two boxes (about an 8 week supply) and guess what... it works!!! The photo below are my lashes before and then my lashes after 6 weeks using Latisse. I am now just using it a few times a week for maintenance.


Ashley of Latisse said...

Latisse is being applied through dabbing the formula on your upper eyelash line every night using the supplied sterile applicators.

CindyC said...

I've been using Latisse since fall 2011 and my lashes are incredibly long! People ask me constantly if they're fake but they are totally real. The top lashes almost cover my eyebrows! It's kinda crazy..... I may start using it just 3 times a week because they are so long..... Any longer and they will need a trim!