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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stress Reduction

One of my sponsors for the upcoming Mrs. Virginia United States 2009 Pageant is Isobreathing. Isobreathing is able to help me in my pageant preperation because in addition to several fitness DVDs, Owner and Creator, Ellen Miller (pictured above), has developed a Total Body Relaxation CD.

As I am preparing for the upcoming competition, working full time, caring for my husband and pets as well as working with the local animal shelters, I find stress can easily creep into my life. Listening to the 15 minute Total Body Relaxation CD helps ease my tension and reduce my stress level.

Earlier today I had the pleasure of listening to Ellen (who by the way is my mom) speak about stress reduction on Blog Talk Radio with The Coffee Lady. The conversation and some secrets to relaxation can be heard here.

This was not her first conversation on The Coffee Lady's show. You can also hear her speak on Weight Loss here.

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