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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time is fun way to interact with your baby and toddler. The video series teaches ASL sign language and makes communicating with your wee-one easy!

The songs on Baby Signing Time are very catchy and you will find your self singing them throughout the day (my husband and I joke that we are brainwashed because we can't get the songs out of our head). Check out one of my favorites "The Pets I Love"!

My 14 month old son loves watching the videos and has been picking up signs more quickly than when I tried to teach him on my own.

I have been asked "Why teach your child to sign" and my experience this morning was the perfect example:

When we let our dogs out this morning my son signed to me "eat". We went upstairs sat down for breakfast and he ate. This may sound really simple, however had he not know the sign for eat he probably would have gotten fussy and started screaming since he can't yet say that he is hungry. This simple sign allowed us to communicate without a meltdown and most mommies know that is priceless!!!

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