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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fitness Together

It is hard to believe I have been working out with my personal trainer, Joselle Gacusan, at Fitness Together for a month! Typically a month into a fitness program I am ready to hang up my sneakers and crawl back into bed, however the fun workouts Joselle designs specifically for my personal goals and her encouragement have me looking forward to the next workout.

Fitness Together is located 300 N. Washington St in Alexandria, VA. Their moto is 1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal. What a great concept, each session is conducted in your own room, so there is no waiting for equipment or self conscious moments.

After only a month I have more energy, my clothes are fitting better, my posture is improving and I am seeing results! I am so happy to have Fitness Together on my side because the Mrs. Virginia swimsuit competition is right around the corner.

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